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We get a lot of questions at Clean Joe, here are the most popular

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  • Do you charge an estimate fee? No. There may be an occasion, under special circumstances, that we may ask for this, but only if we tell you up front.
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  • Recently a cleaning firm spilled a cleaner that is obviously acid on my marble vanities. They were sealed, but the damage is still very evident in the form of hundreds of small circles. What would you recommend as the way to repair them, the materials to use, etc? Would it be better to replace the vanities? Sealing DOES NOT prevent etching. Sealing your stone inhibits staining. You do not need to replace your vanity tops.
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  • My Natural Stone countertops are no longer shiny. How do I get the shine back? Most of the time when a customer asks us why their countertop is not shiny anymore, it turns out that some sort of film is sitting on the surface. This happens when one does not use the proper cleanser, or when they clean their granite surface with water and dish soap. (This will eventually lead to soap film build up.) Give us a call. We can provide solutions for you.
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  • I have Marble Natural Stone floors in the kitchen. Some vinegar got on the floor and now we have a light spot. I believe that it is the sealer (polyurethane coating?) that got discolored. What is the best way to get rid of these dull spots and bring the normal shine back? When acid (vinegar) comes into contact with marble (calcium carbonate), it causes a chemical reaction. The result is called etching. Natural stone sealers penetrate the stone and do not prevent this natural reaction. If you do in fact have a polyurethane coat on top of your stone, then you have a different problem altogether. If the stone is etched, we can refinish it.
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  • Why won't the water spots on my marble or travertine clean up? These are not water spots, but an etch mark in the surface of the stone. This is what happens when an acidic substance comes in contact with any calcium based stone. To get rid of the etch marks, the stone will need to be polished out, much like a gemstone would have to be if it were scratched.

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