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Call Clean Joe to keep your marble, granite and other stone clean and polished!

Professional Stone Cleaning in Boston

The key to limestone is choosing the correct stone for the environment in which it will be used. Many limestones come in a honed (matte) finish. These stones need to be properly sealed and from time to time will need professional service. Limestone will scratch and etch, but these problems can be resolved by Clean Joe.

Slate is a porous stone and needs to be properly cleaned and sealed after installation.

Clean Joe professionals are equipped to service your stone installations. We can restore, clean, seal, repair or polish your limestone, whether it is on your floors, walls, countertops or vanities. We also offer the recommended care products to keep your stone looking its best.

Interior Stone

Granite is different than marble when it comes to its recommended usage and its care and maintenance. The first thing you need to know is that granite is a much harder stone than marble, and granite usually does not etch. (However we are now starting to see some of the granites that are used today can etch from acidic items being spilled on the surface.)

Granite can be cleaned using the same process as marble. As for granite we recommend cleaning the surface using a quality stone safe neutral stone cleaner. If your stone becomes scratched or etched, Clean Joe. serves all of Boston and we can polish and restore your granite countertops, vanities or floors back to their original condition.