Professional Document Drying

When Disaster Destroys Your Valuable Documents Call Clean Joe for Professional Dehumidification

Boston Document Drying

When your valuable documents become damaged extreme caution should be taken to help ensure the damage does not destroy them completely. Though many types of documents cannot be fully restored to preloss condition, a Clean Joe Professional can save a great deal and help minimize additional damage.

Environmentally Safe

At Clean Joe, absolutely no ozone-bleaching or environmentally dangerous chemicals are used in any of our processes. There are no harmful gases or waste to dispose. Our technicians use the most up-to-date scientific methods to treat water damage without damaging ozone. Our non-ozone processes have been used to treat numerous libraries, collections, legal documents and as an alternative to replacement on insurance claims. In addition to our unique non-ozone mold treatment, we provide a number of supporting restoration services.

The Risks of High and Low Humidity

Depending on the type of damage and the type of document, Clean Joe has five options for the restoration of documents:

  • Vacuum Thermal Drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Vacuum Freeze Drying
  • Air Drying
  • Freezer Drying