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We Are Clean Joe!

Hello everyone my name Josef Koch AKA CLEANJOE thankyou for visiting my website and giving CLEANJOE (the super heros) a try. Not only will you be impressed with our website, you will love our services. We are fully licensed and insured and have more qualifications and certifications than anyone in NEW ENGLAND.

WE take our work very seriously with a little bit of fun along the process.

All of our equiptment is new and the highest grade of quality you can get when it comes to FLOOD,FIRE and MOLD EQUIPTMENT. WE NEVER EVER take on a job unless we do it perfectly to a 100% satisfaction by all parties involved. AND we know sometimes hiring a proffesional for youre cleaning services is confusing and sometimes stressful, so dont you worry we have you covered. WE will anwser all of your questions and not start any process unless you are 100% satisfied with our scope of work and the outcome we project. Also a big bonus to working with us with youre insurance cliam we put you first in mind and help you with every step along the way with your claim.

NOW a little bit of history on CLEANJOE we opened our doors in 1983 under the name of Josef's cleaning, shortly after Josef's Carpet Cleaning and shortly after that Josef's and Son Carpet Cleaning (the son is me ;) ) AND in 2009 CLEANJOE WAS BORN. OH boy was that day a memorable day, watching it being born and over 2009 it taking its first baby steps.

NOW IN 2014 WE EMPLOYE 11 people ,have 6 trucks (I bet youve you seen them around, big bright and orange and oh yeah my face all over the trucks) NOT to forget we are advertised every where - COUGH, COUGH... billboards (7 of them). My father came to America with the American dream, from Slovakia and my mother came from Italy with the same dream, to live in the land of the free, were all possiblities and limitations are endless.

Here is my promise to you: I solomly swear we give you the best service you could every have dreamt of and put behind that a 100% satifaction guarntee, or I will come fix it myself.

Thank you for reading this and reviewing our website, please feel free to give us a call anytime (NOW) so we can help you with your desicion on choosing us for all your cleaning needs. 1-800-CLEANJOE